Kendrick Lamar Wears Monochromatic Prints in How Many Drinks

Miguel’s new single “How many Drinks (Remix)” featuring Kendrick Lamar video debuted April 19, on Hip Hop Lead.

During most of the video the boys appeared on stage, in front of a live band wearing black and white ensembles.  If they weren’t already show stopping with the latest black and white trend for the spring and summer months,  Kendrick Lamar made sure he pulled out all the stops in his ‘Guns Germs $teal’ outfit.

Kendrick’s look had very old school west coast vibe, with the button-up top and shorts, in a new school design.  The monochromatic print on the outfit dazzled me.  It is so rare for a man to take a risk like that and I loved every bit of it.

Here’s a screenshot from the video

Kendrick Lamar wearing GUNS GERMS $TEAL in the How Many Drinks video by Miguel

Kendrick Lamar wearing GUNS GERMS $TEAL in the How Many Drinks video by Miguel

Printed two-pieces has been a trending style for a little over a year, and I am happy to see it crossing over into the wardrobe of men.  I think it is a fairly fresh look for men, and not fresh as in “dope”, nor funky fresh, but as in a fresh of breath air.  More men need to take risks when it comes to style!

Men, check out Guns, Germs, $teal to get the look and similar pieces.

Guns Germs $teal Shelter Top & Shorts Benjamin Print

Guns Germs $teal Shelter Top & Shorts Benjamin Print

And ladies, don’t let some of these styles fool you, you can pull it off too.

Women can wear the Guns Germs $teal look too.

Women can wear the Guns Germs $teal look too.

Rita Ora in Guns Germs $teal

Rita Ora in Guns Germs $teal

One thing that surprises me that I really like about this line is that it is designed by women.  Philippa Price and Smiley Stevens, two young ex-models who started out designing men’s accessories, which eventually turned into a whole clothing line that debuted in May of 2011.

The line is inspired by 90’s street wear, while still keeping present and future styles in mind.  Their pieces have landed on the backs of many celebrities, such as 2 Chainz, Big Sean, A$AP Mob, Rihanna, Rita Ora and many more.

Here are a couple screenshots of their Spring/Summer 2013 line.

Guns Germs $teal Spring/Summer 2013

Guns Germs $teal Spring/Summer 2013

I really like this line because , although it is urban, it has a creative twist to it.  I’m a patterns type of girl, and the aesthetics are crazy! I see this line being very successful over the years and the creativity flourishing.

Most photos provided by Guns Germs $teal.


Fashion Trend: The Shorter the Heel, the Better?

So, it has occurred to me that the ‘Kitten’ Heel is trying to make a comeback.

Typically, I’m a 4-inch or higher, stiletto wearing type of girl, but I can’t help to think this trend is cute.  Unlike the wedge sneakers trend, which came back a year ago that I absolutely hated, I actually have hope of the short heels.

According to W Magazine, shoe designers all over are adding this trend to their latest spring collections.  Which I think is a smart move because it actually opens up the floor to a different demographic of people.

I think the ‘kitten’ heels are dainty and very lady-like, and it takes me back to the 1960’s style, which I adore.

These are the perfect type of shoes to wear in any business atmosphere.  I was always unsure of my shoe choice to professional functions because, frankly, 4-inch heels screams club-attire and flats are BORING! With the shorter heels becoming more fashionable, I think it is a great way to look like a fashionista in corporate-America.

Now, granted all ‘kitten’ heels are not cute, but this is where individual style comes in and you have a chance to showcase yours.

I asked the opinion of a close friend of mines on the ‘kitten’ heel trend and she brought up a good point.  KITTEN HEELS ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY.

I’m tall and slender and my friend is shorter and more shapely than I am, and she particularly said she doesn’t like it for her body-type.  Women with longer legs are more likely to pull this trend off because the legs are already elongated and the extra height to the heel of a shoe isn’t necessarily needed.

All in all, I’m pro ‘kitten’!

Photo from Overstated Underrated

Fashion Trend: Gladiator Style

I came across a new trend that is expected be big for the spring, which is gladiator sandal. Designers and celebrities across the boarders are all indulging in this trend, but I don’t know if I can get with the program, just yet.

Granted, I do like bold and unique and this trend is a statement maker by far, but it is missing the elegant piece that I adore in fashion.

Here’s a picture from Examiner of the new trend.

Honestly, the shoes doesn’t look that appalling in this fashion shot. I actually like how the shoes are matched with the dress, it looks very glamorous, but I still don’t envision the sandals on MY feet.

Here’s Rita Ora’s wearing the trend

I would have to agree with the Oh La La Blog, I absolutely love this look for Rita Ora and how she has all of the pieces coming together. She is wearing Alexandre Vauthier’s gold-plated halter dress and Moschino’s embroidered coat from pre-fall 2013, according to Oh La La Blog, and Jimmy Choo Mogul Gladiator Sandals.

Despite the fact that I actually like the ensemble, I don’t think I would wear it. It is very Rita Ora-ish, and I do like Rita Ora’s style, but it is not for me.

Maybe after the style of the gladiator shoes sinks in, I’ll eventually give it a try. I think it is very possible for some people to work it, but not myself. I’m curious as to how big this trend will actually be. But that’s my opinion, how do you feel about the gladiator footwork?

Style Icons

I always felt out of the loop because I could never relate to all of those people who’s fashion is inspire by old Hollywood fashion icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Cher.  I thought something had to be wrong with me because I did not have a fashion influence and old-school fashion just isn’t my style.  BUT! After making more and more post about fashion, I’ve figured it out. So here we go, my top 3 fashion inspirations

Nini Nguyen

“Anyone can look like a million without spending a million and I believes in buying less, but investing in quality pieces that will last forever.”

Nini is the reason behind Rihanna’s style.  She is a stylist, designer, and blogger out of Dallas, Tx with over ten years of experience. Her fashion pieces are very simplistic, yet her style is very bold. I think what I like most about her style is that it is very elegant, which you don’t see a lot of today.

“It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.” – Nini Nguyen

Scott Disick

Scott Disick or Lord Disick, as he likes to call himself, is a cast member of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E! Tv.

To this day, I’m not quite sure of what he does for a living, but his style is magnificent.  If I could embody the female version of him, I would die happy! He has a regalness to his style.

And last, but certainly not least is…

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles is Beyonce’ s younger sister.  She is a singer, song writer, actress, dancer, and DJ from Houston Texas.  She is also a gorgeous fashionista in my eyes.  Solange always knows how to mix and match pieces and can pull any outfit together.  I, personally, like her style because it’s unique.  I love prints and bold combinations, and she does it to the T every time she steps out.

I am still on the look out for more style inspirations, who knows it could be you!

Fashion Trend: Mismatched & Mixed Prints

One of the latest trends taking over is mixing prints.  Nobody likes to be matchy-matchy, but fashion is now taking a new approach.  Prints are complimenting prints and I absolutely love it! It is actually something I like to incorporate into my style whenever I get dressed, whether it’s mixed prints, or odd colors, or both!

Check out Solange Knowles, as she was spotted in London back in January in an Alberta Ferretti Coat and Miu Miu Printed Flare Pants, according to Fashion Bomb Daily, and white pumps, what appears to be Elizabeth & James Saucy T-straps.

Now, Solange is known for her printed wardrobe, and I loved this look. Not only for the prints, but the color scheme as well.  She kept to the same color palette throughout the outfit with different tones of blues, purples, and yellows. With the pop of pink and orange in the jacket and a neutral shoe that kept the eye flowing up and down.  I even like the scarf, although it’s very bright, it helps balance the top with the bottom with the yellow.

Here’s something I created with Polyvore, all items are from Topshop excluding the army fatigue pants, which are from ZARA.  These are things I plan to add to my wardrobe, and this is how I would pair them when mixing my prints.

The Sleeveless Floral Print Shell Top is $56 from Topshop, the  Lightening Bolt Crop Top is $24 from Topshop, the Camouflage Print Trousers are $50 from Zara and the Knitted Bang Skirt is $64 from Topshop

A Polyvore Creation with Items From Topshop

A Polyvore Creation with Items From Topshop

I am a complete fan of the mismatched mix prints.  How do you feel about it, would you wear it?

Fashion Trend: Oscar’s Pale Ordeal

Beautiful dresses walked up and down the red carpet at the Oscars, this past weekend. It seems to me that no color is the new black. Greys, creams and everything in between. Some of the most noted dresses were those of Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy Adams.

Anne Hathaway strutted in Prada and looked gorgeous, that devil! (get it!) Also rocking her new short haircut and a diamond chocker. Some are saying that her gown was young, but I think it was stunning and very graceful.  Hathaway was a originally set to wear Valentino, but changed to Prada at the last minute and looked AMAZING in it.

Amy Adams in her Oscar de la Renta came down the red carpet making a statement with her pale grey ruffles. This by far wins my BEST DRESS AWARD. The ruffles created a feathery effect on the skirt, and I love anything feathered. She kept it very clean and simple by not wearing much jewelry and let the dress do the talking.

Jennifer Lawrence, star of the Hunger Games and may X-men movies, took a break from here tough girl roles wearing this gorgeous Christian Dior gown.  I was very simple and elegant, although it was kind of bride-y.  She wore the dress with a necklace that hung down her back.  I liked the idea, but maybe not for this dress, with it being such an elegant dress, a simple diamond necklace would have sufficed.  All in all, she still looked outstanding and landed on many best dressed lists for the Oscars.

Labor Day No Longer Rules Fashion

SO, the rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day is no longer fashionably correct. White ruled the floors of S/S Fashion Week 2013 in NYC, literally. White is the latest color for shoes this spring.

Although we’re only days before Easter and Spring, when white shoes would finally be acceptable, there have been many white shoes already making statements.

Personally, I never followed the no white rule after Labor Day, I think if its cute, why not wear it?  The color white, especially as shoes, did go out of style for a couple of years, but I would have to say it is back in full throttle.  Many designers such as Steve Madden, Giuseppe Zanotti, Aldo, Micheal Kors and others are releasing white shoes, and they seem to be hot sellers.

I found these shoes on a Pinterest and I feel in love! I can’t figure out the designer, but I know Aldo has a mock pair for $100.



I really like these shoes from Michael Kors for $275, too.  They have a different shape to them and I appreciate the ankle strap.

I came across this picture too, from a site called  These shoes are to die for! I like the ones on the right more because they are closed foot, which I think is different.  And I like the fact that they have a vintage look to them.